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Our unique approach integrates the potent forces of bodymindfulness, relaxation techniques, neurobiodance, mindfulness, transgenerational method and bioenergetic vibrational therapy.

We specialize in a personalized method crafted to meet your specific needs, guiding you towards mental clarity, emotional balance, and fostering a positive mindset.

We are dedicated to empowering you with the confidence and support essential for elevating your life through optimal health and balance.

Take the first step towards enhanced well-being. Reach out today to unravel more about our transformative methods and embark on a journey to elevate your health and vitality.


Hands giving a massage to an arm
Manual Therapy 

 - Bioenergetic and Vibrational session

-Relaxing oil massage 

-Holistic massage 

Person meditating facing the bach
Bodymindfulness training

- Neurobiodance

-Female dance coaching

-Bodymindfulness coaching 

Pink flower and green leave behind
Mindfulness and emotional healing

-Transgenerational Therapy 

-Mindfulness and thetahealing

Couple embraced walking away
Special events 

- Sacred women circle

-Family creative bodymindfulness

About me

I'm Lorena, the creative force behind this endeavor.

My role as a physical, emotional, and energetic coach is centered on sharing knowledge and guiding individuals on their journey to personal empowerment and well-being.

Portrait picture of Lorena Lapenya
Image by frank mckenna
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